Baltimore bridge disaster rocks global trade 🌉

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Ahoy Friends! Some serious news today so we are diving right into the thick of it to keep you up to date. We also wish a happy Easter to all those who celebrate it. 🐰 🎉

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  • Baltimore In Shock: 🌉 Ship collides with bridge, resulting in catastrophe.

  • Slowing Down: 🐢 How China’s economic slowdown effects the world.

  • On Film: 🎥 The Philippines release video footage of Chinese coast guard attack.


Bridge Collapse Leaves Baltimore in Ruins

In the early hours of a recent Tuesday, a catastrophic event unfolded as the massive container ship named the Dali crashed into the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, severely damaging it and significantly disrupting the city's connection to the Atlantic Ocean. By evening, the search for six missing individuals was halted, presumed dead. This incident has effectively halted maritime operations at the Port of Baltimore, one of the U.S.'s key ports for international trade, which now faces an indefinite closure impacting the regional and global economy.

The Port of Baltimore, vital for the automotive, farm equipment, and construction sectors due to its handling of 'roll on, roll off' ships, is a crucial node for transporting large volumes of vehicles and machinery. Last year, it facilitated the movement of nearly 850,000 cars and light trucks, and 1.3 million tons of farm and construction equipment. Although alternative transportation routes and nearby ports offer some mitigation, the longer the bridge takes to rebuild, the more complex and delayed shipping routes will become, potentially escalating costs across multiple industries.

The incident highlights broader issues in global trade and infrastructure. The growth of the shipping industry, exemplified by the size of ships like the Dali, has outpaced infrastructure development, leading to vulnerabilities in critical transport networks. The bridge's collapse underscores the mismatch between modern shipping demands and the aging infrastructure designed for a different era. Experts stress the importance of viewing transportation and infrastructure as integrated systems requiring updates to accommodate the evolving scale of maritime commerce. This disaster, while devastating, also reflects the lessons learned from recent supply chain challenges, emphasizing the importance of resilience and contingency planning in the face of unforeseen disruptions. More here


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What China's Slowdown Means for Us All

China's National People's Congress, the annual meeting of the country's top government officials, comes amid a new economic context in 2024. For decades, China’s growth has been tremendous. But now the nation is seeing a significant slowdown. Its housing sector is in its third year of decline, the stock market is touching new lows and youth unemployment remains high. These issues may be a major headache not only for the Chinese people and President Xi Jinping, but they also have big consequences for the rest of the world.


The Philippines release video of the Chinese coast guard attack on a supply vessel. Two Chinese coast guard vessels attacked the Filipino boat with very powerful water cannons, nearly killing its crew.

US organic imports triple, exports are increasing. Increased attention among consumers to the healthfulness and environmental footprint of their diet has expanded opportunities for organic products both in the US and abroad.

US Dollar Weakened 25% Since 2020 Amid Global Shift. According to Truflation data, the dollar has lost 25% of its purchasing power since the start of 2020. That indicates that one US dollar in the country is worth just $0.75 worth of goods.



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