The US is set to ban TikTok 📵 + Wind-powered cargo ships 💨

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Ahoy Friends! Export of the week is corn! Brazil 🇧🇷 has taken the lead as the largest exporter with more then 30% market share edging out the US. Brazil's 135 million tons of exported corn surpasses all, showcasing its agricultural dominance. Let's explore how Brazil has become the global corn powerhouse. 🌽 🌎 

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  • Wind Power: 💨 Cargo ship tests “WindWings” innovation.

  • High End High Price: 💰 Japanese businesses making the most expensive products in the world.

  • New Rules: 📵 U.S. passes bill to ban TikTok.


Cargo Ship Embraces Wind Power

In a pioneering move, the introduction of large, rigid sails on the Pyxis Ocean, a cargo ship, has shown promising reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, according to shipping firm data. These British-designed WindWings were tested over six months, demonstrating the significant potential of wind power in reducing the shipping industry's carbon footprint. Despite these promising results, the adoption of such technology across the global shipping fleet remains minimal.

The WindWings, crafted from the same material as wind turbine blades, are a modern take on traditional sails. They can be folded while in port and then extended to a height of 123 feet when at sea. The retrofitting took place in Shanghai, and the ship navigated through multiple oceans, achieving a daily fuel saving of three tonnes. This equates to a daily reduction of 11.2 tonnes in CO2 emissions, highlighting a significant environmental impact.

BAR Technologies, the UK-based designer of the sails, plans to enhance future designs by adding an additional sail to further increase savings. The shipping industry, responsible for 2.1% of global CO2 emissions, is under pressure to reduce its carbon footprint. Retrofitting existing vessels, as seen with the Pyxis Ocean, offers a feasible pathway to decarbonization, contrasting with the longer timelines required for constructing new ships. Experts and industry leaders are now calling for broader adoption of wind-assist technologies to address climate change challenges urgently. Watch clip


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Japanese Businesses Making The Most Expensive Products In The World

Japanese craftsmanship from foot-stomped calligraphy ink in Nara valued at over $1,000 to Matsusaka wagyu fetching around $400,000 per cow to priceless bonsai trees. Behind these costly goods lies a dedication to perfection, involving immense skill, resources, and time.


US Billionaire Says Bitcoin’s Rise Will Collapse US Dollar. American hedge fund manager Bill Ackman acknowledged that the US dollar could be on the path of a decline, and Bitcoin or the new BRICS currency could pin the last nail in its coffin.

Four European countries have signed a free-trade agreement with India and committed to invest $100 billion. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland confirmed the deal with India that is set to create 1 million direct jobs in India over the next 15 years.

El Salvador Axes Income Tax for Investments From Abroad. Congress has reformed the income tax law, for international investments and money transfers, dropping the rate from 30% to 0%.


U.S. Ultimatum: Sell TikTok or Face Ban

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill with a vote of 352-65, demanding ByteDance to divest TikTok or face a ban in the U.S. The bill's future in the Senate remains uncertain, despite support from key senators. This legislation, spearheaded by Rep. Mike Gallagher and backed by intelligence assessments, aims to address national security concerns without outright banning TikTok, proposing instead a "forced separation" from ByteDance. Critics argue the bill infringes on free speech and could harm businesses and content creators who rely on the platform.

The bill, known as the "Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act," would prohibit ByteDance-controlled apps unless divested, under national security grounds. It also outlines a process for the president to deal with future foreign-owned app threats and allows users to download their data for platform migration. Opponents, including the ACLU, denounce the bill as censorship, while TikTok argues it violates Americans' First Amendment rights. TikTok's countermeasures include a data protection initiative with Oracle, dubbed "Project Texas," though skepticism remains regarding its effectiveness.

Notably, the bill reflects broader concerns over social media's role in national security, amidst allegations of data misuse and propaganda by foreign adversaries. FBI Director Christopher Wray has voiced apprehensions about TikTok's potential for espionage. The controversy extends into presidential campaign politics, with differing opinions among prominent figures, including former President Trump and President Biden. The debate highlights the complex interplay between technology, security, and freedom of expression in the digital age. Watch clip



Built in 1938 by Mitsubishi for Toyo Kaiun, the 450-foot Fujikawa Maru served as a North American liner before becoming a Japanese Navy aircraft ferry in 1940. Sunk twice during WWII, it now rests in Chuuk Lagoon, a notable WWII stronghold and diving site since Jacques Cousteau's 1971 documentary...... Click to see shipwreck 👀


Fluke: Chance, Chaos, and Why Everything We Do Matters. Author Brian Klaas explores the impact of chaos theory on human events, challenging the belief in a predictable world. Klaas argues that small, random events can drastically change our lives and society, urging us to reconsider our understanding of reality and history. Through social science, history, and chaos theory, he reveals how chance shapes our lives and offers insights for living more fulfilling lives.

Dollars, Gold, and Bitcoin: The Fed's Hidden Agenda and How to Profit from It. In "Dollars, Gold, and Bitcoin," John S. Pennington Jr. unveils the secret war for the future of money, charting the United States' dominance from the creation of the Federal Reserve to the digital currency era. This provocative book reveals strategies for leveraging economic shifts, providing a handbook for impactful decision-making and financial success.

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