Vessel holding 3,500 litres of diesel sinks in port 🛢️ 👀

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Ahoy There! Today, we're bouncing into the world of Natural Rubber. Thailand 🇹🇭 leads the way, contributing to more than 30% of the worldwide supply which amounts to over $5 billion in value. Indonesia follows closely, securing over 20% of the market share. But have you ever wondered how the material is made? Well we did too... Take a look at the production process here. 👀🌿

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  • Friendshoring: 🤝 The US picks Canada, Mexico and Europe as main trade partners over China.

  • Big Boy Toys: 🚜 The worlds largest land vehicles.

  • Vessel Sinks: 🛢️ A barge holding over 3,500 litres of diesel sinks in Hamburg Port.


Trade Tides Turn: US Ditches China for Canada, Mexico, and Europe

The end of hyperglobalization, spurred by the 2017 trade war, has given way to fragmented global trade, with U.S. trade with Mexico and Canada surpassing that with China by 2022. Amidst rising political risks and inflation, a new trend, "friendshoring," emphasizes trading with allies for national security and supply chain reliability. US-China trade has notably declined, with a nearly 18% drop by the third quarter of 2023, as firms realign global supply chains towards more reliable partners like the euro area and Japan.

This shift is partly due to geopolitical tensions and the pandemic, highlighting the risks of dependence on authoritarian regimes like China. The pandemic's challenges and China's solitary vaccine approach underscored the benefits of diversifying supply sources. Additionally, soaring shipping costs and energy prices have made shorter, more reliable supply routes and friendshoring more attractive.

Friendshoring aims to secure supply chains by leveraging trade with trusted allies, enhancing both corporate and national security. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen advocates for friendshoring, linking it to economic efficiency and security. The move towards regional trade, driven by security and political risks, is reshaping global economic practices.

In summary, the transition towards friendshoring reflects a strategic pivot in global trade, prioritizing reliability, security, and economic integration with allies. This approach is expected to define future economic competition and collaboration, with firms adapting to manage supply chain challenges and political uncertainties in a geopolitically fragmented world.


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World's Largest Land Vehicles

These are some of the largest land vehicles in the world. Bigger than multiple stacked double-decker buses and heavier than multiple full jumbo jets. Man-made machinery is essential for construction and many other aspects of the modern world, however, what happens when humans push the limits of engineering?


After a six-year pause, Air Cargo China makes a comeback this year. The major Asian logistics event, which is jointly produced by Germany’s Transport Logistic and which used to take place every two years, is returning to Shanghai’s New International Expo Centre venue between June 25th and 27th.

Alibaba puts IPO for its logistics arm Cainiao on hold. The company has postponed the planned initial public offering of its logistics division, initially targeted for a $20 billion valuation by bankers, citing market conditions as the reason.

Trump promises 60% China tariffs if re-elected, while Biden delegation heads to Beijing. Trump has laid out an aggressive trade stance since announcing his second presidential run, stating last year that he would “tax China to build up America”.

Want to digitalize trade? Take a look at Singapore. Technological breakthroughs are transforming the global trade and financial landscape, forcing legal and regulatory frameworks to keep pace. Singapore's implementation of electronic trade documentation tools such as TradeTrust has led to this global effort.


Vessel Sinks In Hamburg Port Carrying 3,500 Liters Of Diesel

The Port of Hamburg faced an urgent crisis when the inland barge Alster, docked at the Kalikai terminal, sank on the 6th February 2024. This vessel, key in transporting bulk commodities, was carrying 1,400 tonnes of potassium chloride and 3,500 liters of diesel, posing a significant risk to the environment.

Authorities were quick to respond, with the Hamburg Port Authority and emergency services promptly addressing the crisis. Despite the potential for ecological disaster, officials assured that immediate environmental dangers were minimal, thanks to the water-soluble nature of potassium chloride and the swift deployment of oil containment barriers around the sunken ship. Yet, concerns loomed over the slight diesel spillage that contaminated around 5,000 square meters of the harbor, raising alarms about the potential impact on marine life.

The crew aboard the Alster, comprising a captain and a deckhand, miraculously escaped physical harm but were left grappling with the shock of the ordeal. Witnesses to the ship's final descent into the Elbe River, the pair were later attended to by medical teams, highlighting the human element in maritime tragedies.

Environmental activists, including Greenpeace, descended on the scene, voicing apprehensions about the long-term ecological implications, particularly the risk of increased salinity affecting the river's aquatic organisms. This incident has sparked a broader discussion on maritime safety and environmental protection in one of Europe's busiest ports. Salvage operations are on the horizon, with the port authority and vessel owner exploring options to recover the vessel.


Dangerous Goods and IMO Classes Explained. Discover the essentials of transporting hazardous goods and the crucial role of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in ensuring safety. This insightful piece dives into the nine classes of dangerous goods, including explosives, gases, and corrosive substances.

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie code: the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. This alphabet assigns unique code words to each letter, from 'Alpha' for 'A' to 'Zulu' for 'Z', ensuring clarity, especially in noisy environments. It's a simple yet effective method to avoid misunderstandings and is widely used in global logistics, customer service, and international business.


Originally built as the Shoyo Maru in Imabari, Japan in 1969, the cargo ship underwent several name changes before its final voyage as the Giannis D. After being sold and renamed Markus in 1975, it was sold again in 1980 to Dumarc Shipping and Trading Corporation, Greece. On its last journey in 1983, it departed Rijeka, Yugoslavia, with lumber for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, before sinking... Click to see shipwreck 👀


Million Dollar Weekend: The Surprisingly Simple Way to Launch a 7-Figure Business in 48 Hours. Noah Kagan, CEO of, demonstrates launching seven-figure businesses rapidly, emphasizing the unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurship today due to lower costs and high demand for new ventures. He critiques the dissatisfaction with traditional employment and challenges the disparity between aspiring and actual entrepreneurs, questioning why starting a business remains difficult for many despite lower barriers.

The Mali Empire: A Captivating Guide to One of the Largest Empires in West African History and the Legendary Mansa Musa. This book chronicles the Mali Empire, highlighting its establishment by Sundiata Keita, prosperity under Mansa Musa (the richest man to ever lived), and eventual decline due to internal conflicts and weak successors. It delves into the empire's cultural fusion, Islamic and African influences, and its enduring legacy on subsequent states and cultures.

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